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Abus Bike Lock
Abus Bike Lock
Abus Bike Lock

Abus Bike Lock


Every year millions of bikes are stolen. Police statistics show that only a small percent of these cases are solved. ABUS has revolutionised the bicycle lock and established an entirely new type of lock – the folding lock.

The Bordo style bike locks offer features that have not been provided by any other design to date. Light-weight flexibility in a compact design and ideally suited for urban commuters and more expensive electric bikes.

The Bordo 6000 Folding Lock features six 5mm steel bars connected with special rivets, which fold together. The ultra-sturdiness of the bars and body (manufactured from specially hardened steel) is matched by the flexibility of the BORDO™ 6000's folding system.

The high-quality ABUS Plus cylinder also provides a high level of protection, for example against picking. A soft two-component casing prevents damage to the bike's paintwork

The "Made in Germany" quality of the BORDO™ 6000 Folding Lock has received international acclaim.

Option of a combination or key style.