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Lazer Helmet - Next+ Urban
The Lazer Next+, a skate style inspired cycling helmet. Classic styling combined with modern production technologies creates a lightweight but durable helmet. It has ventilation channels in the EPS to provide sufficient cooling, while a hard shell construction makes sure the helmet can take a beating. The integrated TS+ fit...
Abus Tresor 1385 Combination Bike Lock
The 7mm chain lock for a simple and modern look. Easy to wrap around almost all lockup sites. Hardy cloth coating over chain to protect your bike's paint job. Can even be used by multiple riders at once!   Features Individually settable code 85cm of 7mm hardened steel Made in Germany...
Hikobike Waterproof Pannier Bag
The Hikobike Waterproof Pannier Bag is a high quality waterproof pannier and comes with a roll-top seal. Designed to suit New Zealand's unpredictable weather patterns. It fits all Hikobike, and most other rear carriers. With quick release clips, and both handle and over-the-shoulder straps. Carry all your shopping, books, computers - anything - and know...
Smartmotion X-City
From $49.00
Smartmotion X-City Your wishes have been answered. Finally, a serious, all terrain step through! The X-City is built to go where ever you want to. A totally capable adventure machine. Ride the trails with sure footed confidence and comfort. Up-right seating position for enjoying the view, wide ratio gears for...
Sinch Mode 2
From $55.00
Sinch Mode 2 The Mode 2 is a great bike for on-road or light off-road use whether it’s riding around town or exploring the cycle trails of NZ. The quality Shimano intuitive mid-drive motor provides plenty of assistance to let you tackle those longer rides and bigger hills. This makes your...
Sinch Jaunt 1
From $47.00
Sinch Jaunt 1 The Jaunt 1 27.5” has a comfortable low step frame with an upright riding position for a safe and comfortable ride whatever the terrain. Equipped and ready to go with carrying and lighting solutions making it great for getting around town, enjoying cycle ways or off-road trails. Quality...
Hikobike Enduro CL 48V
From $45.00
Hikobike Enduro CL The Enduro is designed as a great bike for getting around town during the week and then hitting the bike trails in the weekend. It has chunky Maxxis Ardent tires designed for New Zealand potholed roads, as well as gravel bike trails with front shocks to soak...
Hikobike 26" Pulse
From $32.00
Hikobike 26" Pulse The perfect bike for getting around town. Whether you’re heading to work, popping out to the shops or just conquering some inner city hills, this is the bike for you. Clean lines, cool colour options and well built. All at a price that’s hard to beat. The...