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On average Kiwis spend around  20 days a year stuck in traffic - that’s more than most people’s annual leave.

With most car trips under 5km, we started a business importing electric bikes to try and help Kiwis make the switch from four wheels to two. Three years later we're now building a nationwide electric biker network that provides and promotes for all types of carbon-free urban mobility.  The goal? A happier, more sustainable New Zealand. 

So how does that work?

More Affordable e.Bikes

We’ve got a great range of electric bikes, which start from $32 per week. Cheaper than the bus! 

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More Accessible Culture

Rechargeries are our solar powered service stations for electric convenience. 

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More Convenient Infrastructure

We're taking bike parking out of the underground carpark and making it cool, visible and desirable. 

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Our Blueprint For Electric Mobility

The Electric Triangle - A unique combination of infrastructure, technology and culture that helps get more people onto carbon-free transport.