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The Job:

Join Big Street Bikers as a Roving Agent or in your local Rechargery Crew.

  • Flexible Hours
  • Family Friendly
  • Immediate Start

The Who?

Big Street Bikers began as an electric biker gang, and rapidly evolved into designing and rolling out an Electric Mobility Network to make e.biking
affordable, accessible and lovable for everyday people in urban Aotearoa.

Your Knacks:

1. Enthusiasm; 2. Initiative; 3. Integrity.

Specifically, you have the knack to sell freedom machines, and learn stuff. You don’t have to be a spanner-hands on a bike, just able to learn the lingo and how to do a tune-up (our Mechanic Professor will teach you the tricks). Your focus doing the mahi with the people and get bums on bikes.


The Why?

Lead the change on the street, for happy, healthy, carbon zero cities. Every car commuter switched to saves a ton of carbon per annum. If we can crack this model we can take it around the world






applications, questions— email