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So, tell me a bit about your bikes…

After testing and trying most of the electric bikes available on the market, we've curated a small selection of great reliable bikes. So if you're looking for a little commuter bike for your inner city apartment or a freaky hot rod of an electric bike, we've got one to suit you. 

Ebike Ride-To-Own! Genius, what’s the deal ?

It's simple - put $250 down and sign up for 12 or 18 months. (Subject to the Finance guys giving you the nod) This covers some basic maintenance and for a nominal fee we can also wrap the bike with a design or colour of your choosing. After the agreed term - YOU OWN IT!

So this is just for Auckland is it ?

At this stage we are focussed on trying to solve Auckland’s immense traffic problem. But do keep an eye out for Big Street Bikes coming to your city soon. 

Do you offer commercial packages ?

Sure, we'd love to hear from anyone keen to partner with us to achieve our vision of a greener, healthier and happier Auckland. We've got packages which include custom branding, fancy bike racks and fleet management GPS systems so you know if anyone is skiving off. Contact us today.

So I’ve sent you a message, now what ?

Once you’re on the list we’ll get in touch to arrange a test ride. If we have stock in then you'll be good to go ro put you on the list for when the next shipment will be arriving.

Who assembles the bikes ?

    The bikes are assembled and tuned by one of our mechanics at one of our Rechargerys around town. 

    Does the battery recharge when I ride downhill ?

    Electric bikes that charge as you ride sounds great but it actually makes life a little harder as it creates resistance and reduces the ability to freewheel or hoon down a hill. Our bikes have 40+ km range of ride distance so you've got nothing to worry about. 

    How long does it take to charge the battery?

    It normally takes about 4 hours to charge. The bikes all have a simple release to remove the battery from the bike so you can charge it by your desk during the day. If you're commuting into the city everyday we normally charge about twice a week. 

    Do you offer test rides ?

      Sure do, and even better they are free for 15 mins, so get in touch today and pop down to the Rechargery for a chat and a ride.

      Can I buy your bikes outright ? 

        You sure can ! 


        what's the connection between the Rechargery and Mercury?

        We’ve partnered with our friends at Mercury to bring The Rechargery to life! Mercury have electrified the Rechargery with a solar panel installation and we’ve teamed up to provide Mercury customers a range special discounts to make enjoying the electric life that little bit easier! Not a Mercury customer? Check them out here.