Ever wanted to join a biker gang ?

Well, ah, an electric bicycle gang?

We need some on-to-it retail crew to sign up members to the electric biker lifestyle in our pop up shop over summer. Enthusiasm is vital. Experience, not essential.
Handy with a wrench and powered by bicycle grease?
We're also looking for a couple of mechanics to turn up, tune up and keep our customers boosting through the city.

Can you answer positively to these questions ?

  • Do you care about our city, our citizens and your own headspace?
  • Can you ride a bike ? 
  • Like leather & loathe lycra (except at parties)?
  • Dance comfortably in the daylight?
  • Could sell snorkels to a fish?
  • Like to have bendy work hours?
  • Know how to take deep breaths when everything goes upside down, blotchy or wonky?
  • Can sew patches onto denim?
  • Like a living wage?
This is a 4-month pilot programme, but further work could be available for the right candidates! Hours could vary from 15-30 hours per week depending on your availability.

Ok, now something for you to tell your uncle about this new gang...

  • Our company is on a mission to get 10,000 electric bikes on the streets of Auckland by 2020.
  • We want to make it cool and affordable to break the gridlock and ride electric - with a ride to own membership from only $30 a week.
If this sounds at all vaguely interesting, flick us an email here