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Locky Docks are app activated bike parking that make cycling safer, secure and much more convenient. After launching in Christchurch (our Amsterdam of the Antipodes) they’re now popping up across New Zealand with sites in Auckland and Wellington coming online. It’s secure parking that gives ebike owners confidence and convenience. They're free to the public and just what’s needed to support carbon-free, healthy urban transport. 


Locky Docks are essential micromobility infrastructure used by councils, commercial and residential properties around the globe.


Each Locky Dock includes maps and wayfinding to promote carbon free, healthy transport decisions. 


To use a Locky Dock simply swipe your transport card or use the Bikeep app to lock and unlock your bike. 





Promote healthy transport choices by making micromobility safer, more secure and much more convenient. 

There are two main barriers car drivers frequently mention when considering switching their daily commute to 

1. fears of theft and 

2. riding on roads. 

Locky Docks help solve both these problems with 1. toughened steel locking arm & CCTV camera; and 2. bikepath maps on the digital screens — thus creating much needed awareness of the new bike path infrastructure built by councils and NZTA. Locky Dock infrastructure gives the bike paths visibility to non-bikers, and gives certainty and convenience to normalise electric biking.


For brands today, where you’re seen is as important as what you say. Globally micro-mobility is growing exponentially.

Brands advertising in the Locky Dock Network benefit from the positive glow that the new lifestyle offers. It’s important to note, the main audience for Locky Dock media are not people on bikes, but rather, everyday kiwis in their daily routines of commuting, shopping and socialising. Locky Docks are positioned on premium sites with high foot traffic, high dwell time and or, busy commuter routes. DOWNLOAD OUR RATE CARD


What kind of bikes can park in a Locky Dock?

You can park any kind of bike whether it’s a BMX, Raleigh 20, cruiser, skateboard, or e.scooter. Basically anything that has a loop so the bar can go through

How do I charge my, scooter or skateboard?

When you open the swing arm on the dock there is a door on the side of the dock you can open. This is the door with the Mercury brand on it. Inside the door is a standard NZ 230 V 3-pin socket for your charger. It’s BYO charger, so don’t forget to pack yours. Charging is free.

What happens if my phone battery dies?

How does my public transport card work with the Locky Dock?

Public transport cards allow one-touch locking and unlocking: Place your bike or scooter in the LOCKY DOCK so the reinforced steel locking arm is through the frame (if charging, plug in first — the arm secures the charging locker as well). Tap the public transport card to lock it. One tap will unlock it when you return. Chargers are Bring Your Own — there are many different kinds, and plugging in the wrong charger can blow the battery!

What happens if something gets stuck ? 

Borrow a phone and call our hotline 0800 115599. There’ll be a couple of security security questions to confirm you’re the biker you say you are; then, we can unlock it remotely. Easy as.

Do the racks still work in harsh weather?

They’re made in Northern Europe. Have you seen the snow there!

Will my public transport card be charged to use the Locky Docks?

No, the LOCKY DOCK is always completely FREE to use, so nothing will be charged to your public transport card

How do I request a Locky Dock ?

Drop us a line to We’d love to hear any ideas to extend the network.