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Ōtautahi Community Trust  

Village Bike Share

Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust have provided five awesome electric bikes to help their tenants get a taste of the electric life. The bikes are securely parked on site and available to anyone that registers below. Check out how it works and get on a bike today. 


Save Cash

Once you add up the cost of gas and maintenance, running a car can cost you up to $10,000 a year! Most trips are under 15 min, which is an easy 15 min ride on an ebike. And best all thanks to OCHT - it's completely free. 

Be Active

On an ebike you don't have to be an athlete to get into cycling. You'll be able to easily set how much exercise you want to have. The electricity helps you get up a hill or just get you home if you're feeling a little tired. 

Have Fun

Riding a bike is great fun and one of the best things you can do for your mental health. You'll be able to discover new parts of the city, meet fellow cyclists and feel the freedom that life on 2 wheels can bring. 


Simply register below to get access to the Lattis app to unlock the bike.

Use the Bikeep app to release the bike from the Locky Dock parking station. 

Head out and enjoy a ride around the city. Make sure you stick to the bike paths if you can. 

When your return the bike, use the apps to lock and dock. Don't forget to plug in the charger. 



Phone Number:



The Smartmotion X-City Neo electric bike is a classic electric step through mid-drive.

Designed and constructed in New Zealand, it can reach a top speed of 40kph with a battery range of around 40km. Perfect for popping out to the supermarket for some shopping

Each OCHT bike has been given a sweet name to help people keep riders keep track of their favourite one.   


How much does it cost ?

When you register to use one of the bikes we take a $20 deposit on your credit / debit card. This will get returned to you if you decide to opt out of the scheme

I've never ridden an electric bike before. How do i learn ? 

Ebikes work exactly the same as a regular bike, but with a little electricity to help you along. We recommend taking several test rides around OCHT if you aren’t confident until you feel comfortable with heading into the city. Check out this video here for some basics

How old do i have to be to sign up ? 

To hire one of the village bikes you need to be over 18.

I’m popping out to the shops. How do I lock my bike? 

The lock on the back wheel is controlled by the Movatic app. If you want to park up while you’re out just close the lock by pulling the two little bits of steel down to the left of the wheel. This will then pull the shiny steel locking mechanism through the tyres so that it clips into place. To unlock it again simply use the Movatic app. 

Where can i find a helmet ? 

If there isn’t a helmet attached to the bike then please send us a message to and we’ll organise a replacement.

My bike is broken what do i do ? 

Give us a call on 0800 11 55 99 or send us an email to and we’ll send someone to come and fix it in the next few days. In the meantime we suggest you try one of the other parked bikes. 

What app do I need to use the bike ?

To use the bikes you to register with us then download the Lattis app from the apple or android app stores. You can find all the information about the app here -

How can I charge the bike ? 

Inside each parking bay in the OCHT Locky Dock is a charger. To plug the bike in just pull the chord out and plug it into the side of the bike. The hole is on the right hand side of the bike, inside the bulky main frame near the pedals. 

How can i tell how full the battery is ?

Simply turn the bike on by pressing the  power button on the left handlebar. The screen will come on and show a battery meter where you'll be able to see how much power you've got.  

My bike got stolen. What do i do ? 

Oh that's no good ! Best thing to do is give us a call on 0800 11 55 99 and we can talk through the next steps. Then if you can please take a photo of the bike's last known location and email it to . 

What happens if the battery goes flat while I am using the bike ?

Ebikes still work fine without any battery so you can still pedal home if the bike runs out of juice. If you’re planning on going a long ride it’s easy to check how much power you’ve got just by turning the bike on and looking at the screen. A fully charged bike tends to last about 40-50km depending on how much power you’re using. 

Can I reserve a bike ahead of time ?  

Sure. The Lattis app you use to unlock the bike lets you reserve a bike up to 30 minutes before a ride.

Is there a way to book a bike if you don’t have a phone ?

You need a phone to unlock and lock the bikes using the app. So unfortunately it’s an essential part of the system.  

How can i get in touch ? 

For anything urgent give us a bell on 0800 11 55 99. For general questions and enquiries just send us an email to