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  1. This promotion is run by Big Street Bikers
  2. Free bike hire is for a period of 5 days
  3. Limited to 10 ebikes, distributed at BSB's discretion.
  4. To qualify, you must be classified as an essential worker and be over 18 years age (for this specific promotion).
  5. The Rider will be liable for any damage or theft. They must always wear a helmet and ride responsibly.
  6. Bikes are to be collected from The Rechargery via contactless collection at an agreed date and time. We'll also let you know how to return the bike in a contactless manner to keep both you and our people safe.
  7. The Rider agrees to use the bike in-line with current L3 lockdown rules and any other guidance issued by the Ministry of Health while you have the bike. If we believe you are not following L3 lockdown rules, we may require you to return the bike early.
  8. Big Street Bikers standard rider terms outlined below apply.
  9. The Rider agrees to be contacted by BSB (and its partners) to hear about the Rider’s experience.
  10. Occasionally, things happen which are outside of our control and we may have to change or cancel this promotion or these terms and conditions.  



    • Minimum age requirement is 16 years or older
    • I agree to a quick assessment by a member of the team to ensure that I am capable of riding to ensure my safety and the safety of others.

    1. An is still a bike. You must be able to ride a normal bike before you ride an
    2. Before riding do a quick check to ensure the brakes are working, the seat is the right height and the bike is in good working order.
    3. Ride carefully to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
    4. Wear a helmet at all times while riding the bike.
    5. Keep to a safe speed and respect all general cycleway and road rules - Share with care!

    1. Look after the bike and make sure you don't cause damage to the bike.
    2. Return the bike within the allocated time frame.
    3. Don't leave the bike unattended at any time unless it is securely locked and safe.
    4. You are responsible for any intentional damages to or loss of the bike or equipment by mis-use.
    5. If the bike is damaged or needs repairs please let the BSB team know.
    6. If the bike is lost, damaged or stolen you will be responsible for compensation up to $500NZD.

    •There are certain risks associated with cycling that cannot be reduced to zero. Big Street Bikers and Mercury will not be held liable for any personal injury, loss or damages to you, your property or others sustained in connection with riding an