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Exciting times of change! Our pop-up Rechargery on the Viaduct in Auckland will be coming to an end mid May 2021, as we switch onto the next phase of our nationwide network rollout. Look out for a Locky Dock appearing in its place soon!

The Rechargery started as a pilot in 2018, as the world’s first solar-powered shop & service station for e.bikes, encouraging car commuters to consider biking to work. We learned so much onsite over the past three years, including how essential secure bike parking is to biker confidence, so the need for accessible and convenient Locky Docks became clear. 

Our Locky Docks are now rolling out around the country. 

Special thanks to Rory, Bridge and who have been part of the magic and have been an integral part of our team. Also thanks to Nick, Trev, Nisha, Amy, Pablo, Donna, Dylan, Dr. Bob, Willa, Ruben and Celia. 

And a huge thanks to our partners Mercury, Auckland Transport and Viaduct Harbour Holdings.


How can I get in touch ?

We will continue to support our customers from our Big Street Bikers HQ, just off the cycle path on the Unitec Campus (Entrance 1, Building 3) in Point Chevalier, Auckland. You can always contact us via email or give us a call on 0800 11 55 99

Can I book a service? Or what about my warranty?

Yes, or course. We love our customers so want to make sure you're properly looked after. We still offer servicing and maintenance for our existing customers so give us a call on 0800 11 55 99 or send us an email. Booking is required to ensure availability. Your warranty is unchanged and if you have any issues or questions about your bike we are happy to assist you.

Locky Docks sound dope. How can I get one?

Awesome. If you have an idea for a Locky Dock location we would love to hear about it. Send us an email with as much detail about your suggested site as possible. Any photography of the site would also be much appreciated! 


Unitec Campus (Entrance 1, Building 3)

Point Chevalier, Auckland.


9am - 5pm Mon-Fri


Phone : 0800 11 55 99