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Big Street Bikers Warranty

Everyone hates a squeaky wheel and crunching gears, that's why we provide two free tune-ups a year for BSB members. If things have gone a bit pear shaped, complete the form below and swing by The Rechargery. We will then assess your bike, give it a tickle up or put you on a loaner bike (if available) until we can get your wheels rolling again.

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Warranty Overview

We offer a standard 24 month manufacturers warranty on the frame.

The warranty is 12 months on the bike motor, controller and battery and all other standard components and accessories forming part of the bicycle, including shocks, standard forks, wheels, suspension forks, rear shock absorbers, drive train, brakes, seat post, handlebar and stem, paint, decals and finish.


(a)    where the Bicycle or any part of it fails due to an accident, any neglect, abuse, normal wear and tear, misuse, lack of rider skill, improper operation, improper assembly, improper or lack of repair, improper or lack of maintenance, alteration, modification, or any other abnormal, excessive or improper use;

(b)    has been subjected to a use for which it was not designed or intended, including but not limited to jumping, riding at the beach, participation in “motocross” bicycle riding, mountain bicycle racing, downhill racing, riding on severe terrain, riding in severe climates, riding with heavy loads or any similar activities;

(c)    has been used for hire, rental or any other commercial purpose;

(d)    has been modified or is otherwise than as supplied by BSB;